A Natural Barrier by Bubble Tubing®

How to Naturally Block and Repel Unwanted Materials in Water?

Bubble curtains act as a natural barrier without disturbing navigation or causing deep imbalances in the water bodies in which it is installed. Bubble Tubing® is raising more and more enthusiasm and awareness as we continually discover new virtues in a multitude of sectors of activity. For example, it is possible to keep unwanted jellyfish away from shore when it becomes necessary on certain beaches. It is also possible to repel different types of harmful algae that can affect the health of surrounding wildlife.

All water bodies are unique and our biologists and engineers are able to calculate the flow rate that will be necessary to create a bubble barrier and meet the specific objectives of our clients. This use of a natural bubble barrier is increasingly replacing the costly construction of physical walls.

Contact our biologists and engineers for more information. We can help you solve your problems.

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