Durable and Strong Equipment for Industrial Deicing

Deicing Technologies

Deicing technologies involve the physical properties of water, the different layers of a water body as well as their temperature and depth.

In the video below, the OctoAir-10 industrial diffuser designed with Bubble Tubing®  is used to demonstrate the effect of deicing depending on the temperature variations.

When the fine bubbles are released from the OctoAir-10 diffuser at the bottom of the water, they help raise the warmer (normally around 4 Celsius) and denser body of water to the surface. This results in a constant movement of water towards the surface. This continuous movement of warmer water towards the surface helps push back the cold water mass and thin the ice. The opening created on the surface and the thinning of the ice close to the ice opening helps to prevent damages that could be caused by the pressure and expansion of the ice on structures. Once this movement is engaged, the warmer denser water returns on its own to the bottom and begins an endless looping circulation. The size of the ice surface varies depending on the water temperature, the depth of the diffuser and the ambient temperature.

In many facilities, Bubble Tubing®  has saved thousands of dollars in operating costs and extended the operating season. Industrial deicers also allow continuous work, where it would not have been possible without a system.

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