A Bubble Curtain Can Influence Water Currents

How to Change the Water Current?

The currents are necessary for oxygenation and the general maintenance of water quality. Water is naturally in motion with the effect of currents and winds. This natural effect can cause certain issues that can be managed with the use of Bubble Tubing®. Indeed, the use of a strategically positioned curtain of bubbles acts both on oxygenation and on the movement of water.

Various projects carried out in recent years, conclude that one of the effects of installing a bubble curtain is to calm the movement of water. Whether at the seaside or in reservoirs or large lakes, the natural movement of air bubbles rising towards the surface influences the movement of the water which helps preserve certain installations, deflect plastics and even counter erosion problems. And this without harming the essential oxygenating effect provided by the movement of water.

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