Bubble Tubing® Used to Modify the Water Temperature

How to Affect the Water Temperature?

The use of  Bubble Tubing® in fresh water as in salt water affects the water temperature at the surface and at the bottom of the water body. The action of the micro-bubbles rising to the surface creates an upward current along the bubble curtain, which brings to the surface the water found at the depth where the tubing is installed. A circular current is thus created which makes it possible to either refresh or warm up the surface water to accomplish deicing in winter or to treat contaminated water in summer. It is also possible to adjust the airflow to have a smaller or bigger impact on the water temperature, depending on the need.

This is one of the characteristics unique to the use of bubble curtains that can effectively meet equally special needs. Our biologists and engineers work continuously with customers to develop often simple and original solutions to combat water management issues that may discourage you.

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