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Bubble Tubing® is a trademark owned by Canadian Pond.ca Products Limited. Our head office is located in the village of Knowlton (Lac-Brome), in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada.

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BubbleTubing® is a unique product and a registered trademark owned by CanadianPond Products Limited which was founded in 2003 in Knowlton, in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada. Today we are 25 employees who evolve with the challenges presented to us and we strongly encourage aquatic management techniques and strategies using natural engineering methods. Thanks to this approach based on natural and ecological concepts, we have become a leader in the management of ecosystems as complex and fragile as aquatic environments that are based on many factors such as climate and physico-chemical characteristics. We are a team of highly experienced advisers in all aspects of aquatic environment management. This includes both the aeration of basins used by the mining industry, aerated ponds to treat municipal wastewater, the deicing of docks in fresh or salt water and bubble curtains carried out in several countries around the world.

BubbleTubing® offers its own linear aeration tubing and diffusers using BubbleTubing® and our solutions are all focused on the preservation and management of the aquatic world.

Our team has been involved in thousands of projects large and small, from private ponds to large lake restorations, from leachate treatment sites to industrial wastewater treatment centers, all of which have achieved lasting results. We listen to the needs of our clients and we develop tailored approaches that meet objectives, deadlines and budgets.

Industrial customers come to us for large-scale aeration, bubble curtain and deicing projects. We are experts at upgrading existing aeration systems, allowing construction companies to work on water during winter, creating bubble curtains to solve environmental and commercial issues with the best products available on the market.

Municipalities are working with us to improve public waters, to update water treatment facilities and surface water management. We also work with government to deice channels and collect plastics with bubble curtains.

Our clients value our ability to problem-solve as a team and find creative solutions, which are often more cost effective than the systems already in place.

ISO 9001 certification

Since 2019, our company has been ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our robust quality management system and associated processes enables us to offer a higher quality standard and to allow our government and industrial customers to purchase our technologies with the certainty that our work and products are held to a higher standard.
Bubble Tubing®
Bubble Tubing®