Waterways control

How to ensure that the sea lanes remain accessible despite heavy ice cover? 

Deicing over kilometers allowing the passage of ferries or other types of maritime transport is possible with Bubble Tubing® designed and manufactured in Canada by Bubble Tubing® engineers. After decades of research and development, these products and their application techniques have been validated and certified by C-Core Engineering in Newfoundland.

Custom-designed deicing technologies using Bubble Tubing® is an agile solution that can be implemented over both small and large distances. Wherever ice is present, even in the Arctic and north of the Arctic Circle, our deicing techniques make it possible to weaken the pressure of the ice without risk to operators or to nature. Compressors can be activated remotely, safely from the shore or from a barge.

Who is the application for?

Maritime transport

To maintain an ice-free area in ports and their installations.

Many OctoAir installed with the help of a crane and barge

Allow boats and ships movement

Docks and marinas often need to be accessible at any time of the year for maritime emergency or commercial transport.

A commercial dock can still operate in winter with the deicing system

Work area

The use of Bubble Tubing® allows to deice and keep free of ice, areas where maritime work must be carried out during the winter.

Water access is critical near this dam construction site

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