Water quality control

Are you looking to control the quality of your water?

Good aeration is a very effective ecological component to ensure the best water management. If your company wishes to decontaminate its retention basins, improve water clarity, keep water clean for consumption, comply with environmental regulations while reducing operating costs, the use of aeration by Bubble Tubing® is ideal. Our linear diffusers are installed on the bottom of the pond unlike surface aerators and this will ensure the best efficiency for the treatment and quality control of your water.

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Aeration and water quality management has been a Bubble Tubing® specialty for over 20 years. We know that each installation has its specific features and it is for this reason that our teams of engineers and biologists are available every day to help improve the water quality of our customers.

Who is this application for?

Water quality management

The aeration is used for degassing, cooling systems, ore recovery, oxidation, deicing of intakes and treatment of contaminated water from settling ponds.

Aeration of process water
Water treatment with Bubble Tubing®
Deicing With Bubble Tubing®

Water quality management

Reducing odors from waste, improving wastewater treatment, improving the quality of water in irrigation ponds and water intended for animal consumption, deicing and decontamination of retention of water reservoirs and lagoons are several excellent water aeration applications for this sector.

Diffuser with Bubble Tubing® in an aquaculture cage
Aeration by Bubble Tubing® in a leachate pond
Linear aeration in a retention basin

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