Proven Deicing Technology

Engineering Consulting Services and a Modeling System

Our engineers are experts in deicing.  They will work with you to develop plans and scenarios allowing precise weakening of ice around docks, water pumping stations or retention basins in the oil industry, hydroelectric dams, nuclear power plants, installations, mining, aluminum smelter, etc.

For complex projects, a model can also be created according to your precise needs and various parameters specific to your region (air temperature, latitude, sunshine, wind, thickness of the ice and the residual calorific value available under the ice). Our engineers will find the best de-icing method for your business even under the most severe environmental conditions, and will accompany you before, during and after the installation of your project.

The world-renowned ice engineering firm C-Core Engineering carried out an R&D study in 2019 that demonstrates the effectiveness of de-icing with aeration by Bubble Tubing®.

Prevent the Formation of Ice

The formation of ice in winter may cause damage or affect the performance of some businesses. Bubble Tubing® has more than a thousand installations around the world where we use our proven equipment to weaken ice in winter.

Protection of Maritime Infrastructure

The use of Bubble Tubing® in straight lines ensures de-icing of critical areas so that marine work can be carried out all winter long. Bubble Tubing® installations are safely activated from the bank.

Deicing of Sea Lanes

Deicing with Bubble Tubing® is a simple and economical solution to allow navigation throughout the year.  Since Bubble Tubing® was marketed in 2004, more than 1,000 deicing projects have been implemented in Canada and in several Nordic countries as well.

Dock Deicing System with Bubble Tubing®

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