Aeration in Aquaculture

Why aeration in Aquaculture?

Humans need oxygen to survive! Fish too! The difference is that we take it from the air we breathe while they take it from the water. The amount of dissolved oxygen in water is what gives them the oxygen they need. This rate must be high enough to meet the oxygen demand in fish farms.

In aquaculture, the oxygen level in the water must remain high day and night. This critical aspect has been addressed by adding specially designed high performance diffusers installed inside the breeding cages.

A high performance diffuser is required for this type of application, such as the SalmoAir® which includes our Bubble Tubing® technology

What is the SalmoAir®?

Patent Pending, the SalmoAir® is a diffuser that is easily installed at the base of the cages and which release a constant flow of air in the cage to optimize the oxygen level. The frame is coated to prevent fish injuries and to extend the life of the diffuser as well. The SalmoAir® which includes Bubble Tubing® technology offers the best lift Rate in the industry at a CFM much lower than the competition, you will then save energy while having a constant optimal oxygen level in the fish cages. Visit the product page dedicated to this product on our transactional website : Click here

Salmoair productSalmoair product Salmoair product


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