Bubble Tubing® technology

Water aeration with Bubble Tubing® has been our speciality for over 15 years. We meet the requirements and standards regarding aeration, deicing, mixing and water treatment. Our diffusers, compressors and our high quality bubble tubes have proven themselves. Our solutions are custom made to save you time and operational costs.

Fine bubble technology

The fine bubbles (micro-bubbles) generated by the aeration tube Bubble Tubing® are essential to obtain the best water quality results. Whether it be to oxygenate, treat a wastewater plant, to biologically eliminate a nutrient excess such as phosphorus (P), to control gas as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or even to mix liquids, the bubbles help in many ways.  When they move and mix together, the micro-bubbles transfer effectively the oxygen while they also clarify, destratify and decontaminate the water by oxydation.

Bubble Tubing® and its multiple assets

Although the Bubble Tubing® diffuser releases bubbles that will oxygenate the water, it is not only used for this purpose. Our air diffusers also melt ice in winter conditions; create a bubble curtain that induces a water current to deflect debris, plastics, sediment, algae and oil spills and more. The bubbles generated by the Bubble Tubing® are also an incredible tool to reduce underwater harmful noise.

Bubble Tubing® offers various diffusers

Bubble Tubing® is offered in several sizes of weighted tube; 15 mm (½ ”), 20 mm (¾”), 25 mm (1 ”) 30 mm (1 ¼”) and it is also used to create our OctoAir-10 and OctoAir-60 diffusers that are made with stainless steel, including the support and legs which are commonly used for aeration and deicing.

Bubble Tubing® and OctoAir industrial applications

Wastewater treatment : Municipal wastewater, plants,  slaughterhouses, industrial composting sites and other industrial wastewater treatment plants are aerating using Bubble Tubing® and micro-organism activity to help eliminate nutrients; to mix liquids; to increase oxygen level and oxydation; to reduce the noxious odors associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and to improve sludge management. The high efficacy of the bubble tube to increase the dissolved oxygen levels in wastewater and treated water will achieve improved BOD and COD levels for your system. Bubble Tubing® aeration products also play an important role in the aerated lagoons and treatment basins.

Oil, gas and mining industries : Bubble Tubing®, OctoAir-10 and OctoAir-60 diffusers are used for degasing; cooling systems; mineral extraction process; oxydation; water intake; deicing and water treatment of settling ponds.

Agriculture, food industries and aquaculture : There are several excellent applications in the industrial field where aeration allows the reduction of waste noxious odors; the improvement of wastewater treatment; the protection of fish farms; the improvement of the water quality in irrigation and animal water consumption ponds; improved the decontamination of reservoirs and lagoons, as well as improve deicing.

Water bodies such as ponds and lakes : Aeration with Bubble Tubing® technology will rejuvenate a body of water by adding the necessary oxygen in the sediments to avoid nutrient release, which generates significant algae and plant growth. In winter, these anoxic conditions often lead to fish kill since the released gases from the sediments are trapped under the ice. With aeration, the body of water is destratified and the oxygen released by the Bubble Tubing® in the sediment level feed the aerobic bacteria that decomposes the organic matter. The oxygen remains available for fish, invertebrates and microbes and maintains a balance in the ecosystem. Aeration in winter also acts like a deicing system since it avoids the ice formation and makes it possible for gases like H2S to be released.  With proper aeration, organic sediments are degraded over time and water depth returns to its non organic form. We call it bio-dredging phenomenon.

Sea beds: Construction of submerged structures can affect the environment when drilling, pile driving and basting. A bubble curtain made with Bubble Tubing® reduces the impact on noise level and sediment dispersion, and protects marine species.

River and channel beds : In a study made in 2014, researchers have shown how air bubble curtains can influence the flux and morphology of channels and river beds preventing the sediments from accumulating in the river curves, which must be regularly dredged in order to keep cargo transportation activity in operation.



Who chooses Bubble Tubing®?

Big industries

Oil Industry

The oil industry uses Bubble Tubing® for deicing of their basins to maximize their operations.

Maritime transport

Maritime transport companies uses Bubble Tubing® for their environmental emergencies; to open a path for maritime channel passing; to protect boats from ice damages and to protect the marine wildlife from underwater noises.


Mining industries use Bubble Tubing® to deice their basins; for water treatment and to control sediments with bubble curtains.

bubble curtain


Fish farm companies use Bubble Tubing®to protect their fish from toxic algae and jellyfish; to treat the water and to protect native species.

Food and agriculture

Agriculture and food industries use Bubble Tubing® to treat the drinking water for animals and to treat leachate water.

Governmental sector

Control of floating debris

The governmental sector uses Bubble Tubing® to control floating debris in marinas, channels, beaches, ports and construction sites.

Management of water bodies

The technology developed by Bubble Tubing® improves water quality management of all types of water bodies.

Water quality management


Municipalities use Bubble Tubing® technology to reach their target level of BOD and COD at the effluent.

Recreational water

Municipalities use innovative Bubble Tubing® technology to ensure water quality for swimming, water sports and aesthetics for clear, odorless water.


We designed a "made in Canada" linear tube diffuser to aerate water bodies according to the exact specifications prescribed by Bubble Tubing®. Being the leaders in aeration, we developed an air diffusion system that is flexible, high quality and durable. The oxygen transfer rate is above average and the Bubble Tubing® is easy to install and maintain. We are constantly innovating our Bubble Tubing products® and increasingly receive and answer requests for Bubble Tubing products from all continents.

Line of Bubble Tubing®

Specific applications


The use of Bubble Tubing® enables all kinds of bodies of water to become aerated, which helps reduce sludge accumulation; degasing of ammonia and methane and elimination of CO2 in treated water. It has been proven that aeration can also improve oxydation and clarity of the water in tailing ponds and discharge ponds. Often times water quality norms needs to be met before releasing water into effluents and our Bubble Tubing system can help meeting those strict norms.

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Aeration in winter act as a deicing system and is very efficient to affect the ice formation in every kind of weather conditions. Deicing allow maritime transport and infrastructure construction in winter and this solution is requested by industries that works on water in winter period.

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Bubble barrier

The Bubble Tubing® works effectively as a natural barrier allowing to control floating debris, contain pesticides, push away unwanted species (algae or jellyfish), use as an underwater sound attenuation curtain or to contain hydrocarbons.

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Once installed, Bubble Tubing® is very reliable and remains effective and in place for many years. Maintenance is minimal and does not need to be taken out of the water. If necessary, we have a product specially designed to be injected into the pipe and to clean the micro-perforations that can clog slightly over the years.


The performance of the Bubble Tubing® exceeds the highest standards in the industry. In 2017, we gave a mandate to the external firm GSEE Inc. to test our diffusers such as Bubble Tubing® and OctoAir. Contact us to access the report and results.

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