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Bubble Tubing®

We are an important partner for many industrial and commercial customers. We have extensive field experience and years of expertise in water management. Our know-how is in demand for many water quality management projects. Our expertise is mainly in aeration ,  deicing, bubble barriers for noise attenuation , debris control and plastic waste, sediment control , control of toxic algae and oil-spill management . We only offer top quality products and we are qualified and available to advise and help you design your project, whether it is upgrading an existing system or designing a new one. Our products take advantage of new technologies available and are among the most economical on the market in terms of energy operating costs. We build a long term relationship with our customers. They trust our products, our advice and our professionalism.

Common Industrial Applications:

  • The Degassing Process
  • Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) Control
  • The Mixing of Liquids
  • Deicing
  • Management of Tailing Ponds
  • Sludge Management
  • Treatment of Leachate Ponds
  • Aeration of Canals and Reservoirs
  • Sediment Containment
  • Deflection and Containment of Plastics and Debris
  • Protection of Fish Stocks in Aquaculture
  • Control and Diversion of Marine Algae
  • Containment of Oil Spills
  • Attenuation of Underwater Sound Waves
  • Sectors of the Industrial Market

Common Industrial and Government Markets and Sectors:

  • Municipal Drinking Water Tanks
  • Drilling Operations
  • Maritime Transport
  • Environmental Emergency Response Teams
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Construction of Marine Structures (Bridges, Ports, Offshore Wind Farms)
  • Underwater Blasting Intervention
  • Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Mining
  • Aquaculture
  • Recycling Factories
  • The Pulp and Paper Industry

Expect the Best at Bubble Tubing®

  • We are ISO 9001-2015 certified, offering you peace of mind and an assured level of quality, through our quality management system.
  • Each project is unique and the solutions are unique too. We customize our offer to match your project.
  • We adopt an environmental approach: energy-efficient equipment such as compressors and the use of techniques inspired by biology (oxygen and bio-augmentation) to treat water quality before the use of chemicals.
  • We offer maintenance and repair service.
  • Our experience will save you time and money. Call us early in your project planning to ensure optimal results.
  • Eliminate costly intermediaries.
  • We only recruit the best employees who share our pride in serving you well.
  • We ship internationally and offer a local installation service.

We also have a full line of private pond products and an online store at CanadianPond.ca 

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