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Bubble Tubing® is a linear air diffuser providing numerous applications in marine and aquatic environments

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Bubble Tubing® diffuser

Developed by CanadianPond.ca Ltd.

This versatile product has been incorporated into various water and environmental management solutions.

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Bubble Curtains

Air bubble curtains are known by many names such as: two-phase barrier, air bubble barrier, bubble barrier, pneumatic air bubble barrier, compressed air barrier, air pulse barrier, barrier air bubble, air bubble wall, noise curtain, etc.
Bubble curtains created by Bubble Tubing® have enormous potential, we are still finding new applications each year. Discover how we can create innovative environmental protection.

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Oil spills containment
Plastic and floating pollution collection in rivers
Aquaculture and fish farm protection from toxic algae


Bubbles released by submerged Bubble Tubing® move the deeper, warmer water to the surface, thawing and weakening the ice on the surface and around infrastructures. Bubble Tubing® creates an opening in the ice, either linear or round (if used in the Octo-Air). The size of opening varies depending on water temperature, the depth of diffuser and environmental factors like the wind. CanadianPond.ca is the world's expert in deicing.

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Industrial docks with tidal movement and ice bustles
Lake aeration through de-icing
Boathouse protection


Installing a linear diffuser tube submerged to the bottom of the water creates a line of bubbles that rises to the surface and causes water to circulate. The advantage of the Bubble Tubing® linear diffuser hose is that its micro-bubbles are released over great distances and then cover a large area. The Bubble Tubing® is therefore very effective and performs in a wide variety of projects.

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Innovation & Development

Since its creation more than fifteen years ago, Bubble Tubing® meets increasingly varied needs. Our team of engineers, biologists and experts is keen to innovate further by developing solutions to new or recurring issues. If you are looking for a solution the many advantages of the Bubble Tubing® will surprise you. Contact us!

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Dual bubble curtain for chemical retention in pesticide treatment

Personalized Service

The Bubble Tubing® team is made up of engineers, biologists and technicians specializing in the design and conception of complete systems with detailed plans, drawings and technical data. We offer complete after-sales support, and when a project requires third-party assessments of the oxygen requirements, or the quantity of Bubble Tubing® to reach a required standards, we collaborate with specialized engineering resources who produce complete reports on demand.

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