Prevention of ice formation

How to prevent the formation of frazil and ice in winter?

The formation of frazil and ice in winter can quickly become problematic and compromise the efficiency of your operations.

For example, municipal water supplies, nuclear power plant cooling systems, as well as access to water supply to fire departments can be compromised by the formation of ice or frazil that forms on the surface of the water. Frazil can build up on the grids and seriously block the water intakes.

Municipal water intakes and water intakes for industrial cooling system.

The installation of deicing system near the pumps or in front of the grid allow to operate despite extreme cold without obstructions.

Water catchment basins for fire services

A Bubble Tubing® system creates an opening in the ice allowing access to a large volume of water quickly.

Deicing with Bubble Tubing®

The use of a deicing system with the Bubble Tubing® prevents the formation of ice continuously and permanently . Critical zones can be identified and ensure optimal operation of the systems throughout the winter, whatever the outside temperature. Easy to install, Bubble Tubing® deicing systems are also safe to operate from the shore.

Who is this application for?

Deicing of pumping and cooling systems

Mines, nuclear plants, processing plants and food processing plants use Bubble Tubing® deicing systems.

Preventive Deicing

Ice formation can be critical for some city operations during the winter. Bubble Tubing® counts among its customers several cities and municipalities where different de-icing systems are used to secure operations such as water supply or water access for fire departments.

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