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Bubble Tubing®

Since the launch of our Bubble Tubing®, we have developed numerous solutions to water quality issues. Whether it’s deicing, cooling, decontamination, residue management, sludge management, noise reduction, anti-plastic barrier, hydrocarbon containment or others, our commitment is to do everything in our power to solve your problem.

Performance of our Bubble Tubing®

The linear diffusion of millions of micro-bubbles is a natural and innovative way of working to improve the quality of water and the surrounding environment. The performance of Bubble Tubing® has been successfully tested many times to solve a wide variety of problems, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Examples of applications :

Our Bubble Tubing® has been used for more than 15 years in various industries; industrial, government, municipal and private sectors. Bubble Tubing® is used at all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal), in manufacturing and material processing plants: in the mining sector; with port authorities; in aquaculture; in agriculture; in parks and recreational sites; with engineering firms; for landscaping and land reclamation; in maritime construction; with universities and research centers, and with lake owners and private ponds, to name a few. Our Bubble Tubing® is now used for a wide variety of projects on all continents.


Research and development

From the very beginning of the creation of Bubble Tubing®, we have been keen to perfect and validate the performance of our diffusers. This is why over the years we have carried out a wide variety of tests and validation in research and development in order to always offer the best product and support to our customers and their projects. Whether in deicing, ventilation and noise reduction or in the redirection of plastic debris, we know how to advise you, thanks to validated studies and well-refined technology.

Bubble Tubing®, a proactive and creative team

Proactivity and creativity are the strength of our Bubble Tubing® team. Indeed, our customers have often brought us a problem that Bubble Tubing® has been able to solve. We are always excited to meet within our team to discuss and brainstorm ideas to best meet a new challenge. Quickly, ideas are put on the table, evaluated and solutions are found.

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No matter what your issue is, if you believe that our Bubble Tubing® is the solution, you are probably right. Let us know your needs by completing our “Contact us” form. We will put our team of experts to work to find a solution that will satisfy you.


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