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Noise Barrier

The bubble curtain is an innovative and practical solution used by industries around the world to carry out marine work in fresh or salt water. Bubble Tubing® noise barrier is versatile and easy to use. It helps preserve marine life effectively.

Definition of a Bubble Curtain

The bubble curtain is also referred to as: an air bubble barrier, pneumatic air bubble barrier, compressed air barrier, air pulse barrier, air bubble barrier, bubble wall, noise barrier, aquatic air barrier, etc.


How to Reduce the Noise Generated by Maritime Activities to Preserve Marine Life?

As global shipping traffic and industrial and military activities grow, the use of noise-reducing technologies such as the air bubble curtains from Bubble Tubing® has become increasingly recognized as an effective method of preserving wildlife marine, whether mammals or fish.

Why use a Bubble Curtain?

A Bubble Tubing® bubble curtain is an effective wall of air bubbles that attenuate the speed and intensity of underwater noises. Several studies have already shown the harmful effect of underwater noise on marine mammals. A Bubble Tubing® curtain can significantly reduce these effects.

Bubble Tubing® air bubble curtains are tried and tested solutions for preserving the marine environment.

As an emerging field in recent years, several clients from America and Europe and the rest of the planet have already successfully integrated this innovative curtain of bubbles into their best eco-responsible practices.

Who Needs Bubble Curtains?

Various Bubble Tubing® solutions are available to you, depending on the nature and scope of your work. Our experts will determine and recommend the number of bubble curtains you will need to achieve your desired results, depending on your objectives but also on the type of maritime work you do, whether maritime construction, oil exploration, offshore wind farms, drilling, dredging or other maritime and/or industrial project.

If your organization performs mining, excavation, drilling, demining, hammering, pile driving or seismic surveys in marine areas, for example, our experts in biology and engineering will also adapt our bubble curtains to your specific needs according to the standards in force or according to the targeted mitigation objective.

These mobile or fixed air barriers are easy to install, durable and reasonably priced. Available in all formats and sizes, our bubble curtains adapt well to all industrial applications and withstand all possible atmospheric conditions, including intense heat and cold.

How Does the Bubble Curtain Work?

The sound barrier formed by the bubble curtain is based on the installation of a unique perforated pipe specially developed by our engineers over years of research and development. The bubble curtain releases an even stream of air over its entire length that rises from the seabed to the surface of fresh or salt water. Control of bubble size as well as homogeneity gives predictable results without unnecessary waste of air.

The use of a bubble curtain dramatically reduces the impact of shock waves produced by all types of industrial work as well as the intensity of sounds and frequencies that propagate in water. The air flow that emerges from the bubble curtain must be high enough to form an effective sound barrier. Our engineers will provide you with adequate advice so that you can optimize its use, while controlling the switching on and off of the underwater device yourself. Some applications may require a single or double bubble barrier depending on the targets to be reached.

Applications of Bubble Curtains:

  • Protection of the marine environment from underwater shock waves during underwater work (ammunition explosion, piling, drilling, rock stripping, and oil exploration operations with seismic effect, etc.).

Who is this application for?

Oil companies

Several oil companies use custom bubble curtain configurations to minimize the propagation of marine noise from their facilities.

Oil spill management

Drilling companies

The noise associated with subsea drilling can be greatly reduced with the use of a bubble curtain system that our engineers specially design to effectively meet the precise needs of any drilling project.

Other markets

All work on water and underwater may require the use of a bubble curtain to reduce the propagation of noise and protect marine life.

Bubble curtains

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