Protection of marine infrastructure

What is the best solution to weaken the ice?

The deicing of infrastructures such as docks, marinas, water intakes of power stations, locks, port or naval structures as well as the built coastline constitutes an important commercial issue.

The deicing systems designed with Bubble Tubing® are based on a proven concept of weakening the ice by means of a vertical movement of water. This concept works on two levels, the first being the movement of water and the second being the inherent physics of water which is denser and relatively warmer at 4 ° C in winter, a few feet below the ice. This water will thus be circulated towards the surface by the friction of the rising bubbles, thus dragging this liquid layer towards the ice to melt it by movement and heat transfer. Linear tubing or diffusers such as the OctoAir will be installed underwater to generate this water current which will serve as protection against damage in winter.

The advantage of ice fraglization is important to protect seaports, shipping corridors, water intakes for cooling nuclear power plants, infrastructure repair operations such as bridges in winter. In fact, all industries whose operations take place on water during the winter. Some facilities can thus extend the duration of access to maritime infrastructure during winter. Ice can cause two known types of damage: by its expansion and therefore a strong pressure on infrastructure or by the change in water level causing the pillars to rise from the seabed.

Who is this application for?

Maritime transport

Bubble Tubing® offers to managers and operators of port installations a simple and effective solution to protect equipment and prevent damages that may occur with the formation and movement of ice in winter.

Deicing of a barge in winter
Deicing with OctoAir-60 for a mining company
Deicing of a commercial dock

Protection of installations

In winter, it is advantageous to avoid the formation of ice to avoid damage that may be caused by the movement of ice. It may also be economically advantageous to use the Bubble Tubing® rather than uninstalling / reinstalling equipment in the fall and spring.

Deicing of a construction site in a river
Deicing of a commercial dock
open water created by OctoAir-10

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