Leachate treatment

How to optimize the treatment of wastewater and leachate?

Aeration and microbial action ensure biological elimination of nutrients, mixing of liquids, increasing oxygen levels and oxidation, reducing harmful odors associated with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and better sludge management. Cities, municipalities, slaughterhouses and other types of industries that generate wastewater or leachate are turning to aeration and microbial action to improve DO levels in their water treatment ponds. With Bubble Tubing® aeration, you maintain water quality parameters and achieve the BOD and COD levels required by your system.

Our engineers are able to make calculations allowing you to reach your effluent discharge targets with the best diffusers and air compression systems, without exceeding real needs. It is also very advantageous for operators to use the Bubble Tubing® since it is flexible and is installed at the bottom of the basin without needing to be inked. You will be able to remove them and install them as you wish without bulky costs or large machinery.


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Leachate treatment

Aeration with Bulle Tubing® for a leach pond substantially reduces foams and odor problems. By ensuring that the Bubble Tubing® provides the air flow according to the standards for each basin, we obtain the desired optimal performance.

Leachate basin with 4 lines of Bubble Tubing®
Piping leading to the air distribution line
Air distribution with Bubble Tubing®

Industrial residues, leachate and process water

Before water from surface water catchment ponds is released into the environment, it is often necessary to treat the water. Bubble Tubing® is a very efficient technology that allows obtaining the best water quality results at the lowest energy costs. This equipment requires minimum maintenance and maximum efficiency.

Air distribution with Bubble Tubing®

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