Aeration in a Slaughterhouse

Wastewater Treatment in the Food Industry

The treatment of industrial wastewater from the food industry is possible thanks to aeration.

The wastewater generated by companies in the agri-food sector is characterized by high organic and chemical loads as well as by suspended matter. Many industrial establishments discharge water containing an appreciable amount of fats, phosphorus, nitrogen and sodium chloride. Discharges are usually free of metals and are considered biodegradable. They can therefore be easily purified by aeration and biological activity.

What our clients have done

  • One of our clients has been working in the food industry for almost 2 centuries. Their food processing plants in Canada, with branches in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Alberta, need to manage residual materials such as fats and control odors and ensure overall water quality. They are able to accomplish all this thanks to our Bubble Tubing® system.


  • Another client in Tahiti works in the field of animal slaughter.  In order to meet discharge standards, this commercial slaughterhouse in French Polynesia had to be renovated. New, more efficient and less energy-consuming equipment had to be selected in order to better manage wastewater. Two aeration systems with OctoAir-10 industrial compressors and diffusers were chosen and installed, and the result was very successful!