Dock Deiced with Bubble Tubing®

It is possible to protect ships and industrial dock infrastructure from ice damage. Our technologies combined with our knowledge-base can also extend the activity period of a commercial dock in winter. Ferry terminals can also be ice free. Barges working on bridge repairs in winter can also benefit from the opening of the ice cover. Several projects have already been set up by Bubble Tubing® both in the United States and Canada.

We suggest various approaches depending on environmental conditions such as sea currents, prevailing winds, ice thickness, water level fluctuations and any other client objective(s). Our deicing systems are composed of industrial diffusers OctoAir-10 or OctoAir-60 in combination with Bubble Tubing®. It is easy to install temporarily or permanently. The fine bubbles create a movement that rises warmer water from the bottom to the surface. The combined effect of the water’s warmer temperature and movement helps keep the water ice-free. In very cold weather, thin ice can form but this does not generate enough sufficient pressure to cause damage to the structure or to the boats which remain protected.

We were invited to submit a work plan for the installation of a deicing system to fragilize the ice to protect a stopover wharf built in 2007. Each winter, strong tides, brackish water and extreme temperatures contribute to form ice that can reach 1.8 m. (72 “) or more in cold weather. This ice could easily create damage to the structure of the new wharf. The client wanted a permanent, low-maintenance solution that would thin the ice and weaken it while limiting the opening of ice around the structure and, at the same time, limit the visual impact of the equipment. 

Our deicing system did exactly what the customer wanted. By working closely with them over a two-year period, we were able to overcome some of the complications of this installation due to the location of the site. In addition, this collaboration has allowed us to achieve optimal results:

  • Minimum ice formation
  • Discreet ice openings around the structure
  • No damage caused by ice during the winter season.

In another special situation, we designed a de-icing system to prevent ice buildup on an industrial unloading dock. Massive ice buildup during the winter season hampered the unloading process for the aluminum smelters. Strong tides over 6 m and the extreme cold weather created difficult conditions every winter. The artisanal method of removing the accumulated ice was to use heavy machinery, which interfered with the operations and the wooden structure of the wharf.

The use of air compressors already in place with a Bubble Tubing® diffuser has enabled efficient deicing, even beyond expectations, without stopping operations since 2009.