Bubble Curtain Prevent Debris to end up in the Sea During Snow Removal in Helsinki

In Helsinki the snow collected from city streets is dumped into the sea to melt. While removing the snow, the city of Helsinki discovered there was a lot of debris trapped in the snow that ended up at sea. To prevent this from happening, they first installed a physical boom which was able to trap a very small percentage of all the debris because the physical boom was a few metres deep. Much of the debris ended up sinking and bypassing the physical boom. By combining both technologies, the boom and installing bubble curtains by Bubble Tubing®, the city is now able to trap almost all debris. The bubble curtain being 60 meters deep is pushing the debris upward where it is contained within the physical barrier and eventually collected.

This combination is also often used for silt curtains as well : Click here to know more about silt curtains

See the full article here (in Finnish) : Visit Sttinfo.fi article

Yle the finnish broadcasting company also wrote an article on this subject. See the full article here (in Finnish) : Click here 

See the curtain in action on this Instagram post : Click here

Credit : sttinfo.fi


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Source : https://yle.fi/a/74-20073441
Source : https://yle.fi/a/74-20073441
Source : https://yle.fi/a/74-20073441