Bubble Curtain to Support Expansion Project of the Port of Fredericia, Dennmark.

All around the world harbours are being rehabilitated to welcome bigger vessels. Denmark is no exception to this.

While doing maritime work, in Denmark, a clear regulation is now in place to protect aquatic species from sound and silt generated by the construction work. Bubble Tubing® technology is a great tool to keep sound and silt within a specific zone and not harm marine wildlife in the process.

ADP A/S owns and operates the Port of Fredericia which is currently starting his largest port expansion including a modern and fossil-free container and RO/RO terminal.
Throughout the project, the best possible solutions for the environment are implemented. The port of Fredericia is located next to the natural area of the Little Belt and home to one of the world’s densest populations of Porpoises.
To reduce pressure noise on the Porpoise population from the sheet piling operations a double bubble barrier of 400 m long has been successfully deployed by our client and main project contractor Per Aarsleff A/S.

The Fredericia Newspaper released an article earlier to discuss this technology used during the construction work. Read the full article here (in Danish) : Click Here

Drone photo credit : Fredericia newspaper

We were present on the first few days of the installation to assist our client Per Aarsleff and guide them through the installation process. See more pictures of our visit in the carousel below.