Sediments Containment in New-Brunswick

Sediment barrier while dredging for the modernization of the Harbor

Bubble curtain in St. John harbor

When the St-John Harbor were ready to proceed with the modernization of their harbor, they included in the tender the requirement of a sediment barrier during the dredging process. Groupe Océan investigated various options for the sediment barrier. A physical barrier (ex: Boom) was consider as it is widely known in the industry, but it had a few downfalls: boats cannot pass thru this type of barrier easily and it requires a lot of management to open the barrier door allowing the barge to pass through to release the sediments in an approved area. The other option, conversely, Bubble curtains using Bubble Tubing® was an effective solution to keep the sediments within the required area while allowing boats to pass thru easily at any time without the need for a team to open and close a gate.


After studying the different options. Ocean Group opted for a bubble barrier.

Bubble barrier strategically placed prevent dredged sediment from redispersing in the harbor. The sediments are clay silts.

A Double curtain of 130 meters long was installed in the harbor. Two areas of 130 meters each were being modernized and so it was decided to move the bubble curtain to the second area once the first area was complete.

Bubble curtain Products Ltd was also consulted on the compressor power required to ensure a consistent and effective bubble curtain which was rented by Groupe Océan for the duration of the marine construction.

The client was very satisfied by the effectiveness of the Bubble Tubing solution provided by Products Ltd. It followed dredging regulations while allowing the construction company’s boats to move freely through the various areas which resulted in time and money savings.