Salmon Farm with Bubble Curtain and Aeration by Bubble Tubing®

Resource protection in Marine Aquaculture

Due to toxic microalgae and jellyfish causing enormous damage to the fish stock, an aquaculture client needed to equip their salmon farms with bubble curtains around their perimeters to ensure the health and survival of the fish harvest.  The curtains have been active since 2017 and assist in deflecting tidal movement carrying toxic algae and jellyfish.

In addition, a high level of oxygen must be kept in the salmon cages day and night. This critical aspect has been addressed by adding high performance diffusers specifically designed for salmon farming which assist in mixing and upwelling water in cages done by SalmoAir®.

The video below demonstrates Bubble Tubing® at work in one of those projects, assisting fish farmers and operators in salmon cages in British Columbia, Canada .