Study on Sound Attenuation in Water with a Bubble Curtain

Doctoral Thesis on the Propagation of a Shock Wave in an Aerated Liquid, by Hervé Grandjean

This document presents the work carried out at the Brest Laboratory of Mechanics and Systems of ENSTA Bretagne, involving a thesis in collaboration with the Jean le Rond d’Alembert Institute (Pierre and Marie Curie University) and the Directorate General of Armament (DGA Naval Techniques).

These works involve the modelling of the propagation of a shock wave in a bubble liquid, with a main focus towards the study of the attenuating effect of a bubble curtain on an underwater explosion.

Propagation of a shock wave in an aerated liquid french version available only

Doctoral thesis from the University of Western Brittany, under the seal of the European University of Brittany, SICMA Doctoral School [E.D. 373]

Mention: Sciences For the Engineer
Specialty: Mechanics of Materials, Structures and Fluids
Presented by: Hervé Grandjean


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