Technologies to mitigate Harmful Algal Blooms in Offshore Aquaculture (HABS)

In June 2022, TWB Environmental Research and Consulting published an article on the importance of remote sensing technologies to monitor HABS (Harmful Algal Blooms), specifically in Offshore Aquaculture.

As explained in the summary of their article, aquaculture facilities are being pushed further away from the Shore. Better technology to monitor and to mitigate HABS is especially important to develop and applied to fish farming.

On page 5 of the article, there is mention of mitigation strategies available on the market, including Bubble Tubing® bubble curtains and SalmoAir® diffusers used as an upwelling system, which helps reduce fish kills in pen due to Harmful Algea Blooms.

Read the full article here : World Aquaculture_TWB environmental research and consulting_June2022


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